The projects

With the contribution of Novartis, it was possible to purchase a BioanalyZER 2100 bioanalyzer (Agilent) and the Mastercycler PRO device together with the various accessories, for a total value of about € 50,000 for the determination of the concentration of DNA present in the libraries prepared for I use next-generation sequencing. These devices are listed among those required in the protocols for the use of the MISEQ ILLUMINA equipment already supplied in the Hematology laboratories.

In a few years, with the active collaboration of many volunteers and the generosity of individuals and organizations, we have carried out the projects that were important to us, including:

To support research
– the construction of the new“Michele Cavaliere” cell manipulation laboratory,
donated to the University of Pisa;
– the purchase of various equipment including a Real-Time 7900 HT necessary for the molecular assessment of the stage of disease, diagnosis, and follow-up of patients suffering from hematological diseases, as well as for those undergoing bone marrow transplantation;
– the contribution for the purchase of a flow cytometer to implement research protocols with the possibility of analyzing cell suspensions with five fluorescence colors. Provides technological breakthroughs for detection and the study of rare and highly clinically interesting bone marrow populations

– the purchase of materials and reagents necessary for the two research laboratories at the Hematology Unit of the University of Pisa; 

– the funding of numerous scholarships for doctors, biologists, chemists, and laboratory technicians.

For patient support:
– the financing of a home care service for patients of the Hematology Unit of Pisa;
– The purchase of two cars for home assistance: one for the OU. of Pediatric Oncohematology and one for the Hematology Unit of the University of Pisa;
– constant economic, psychological and practical support to the sick and their families both in hospitalization and day hospital;
– setting up of a games room at the o.o. pediatric onomatology, thanks to the contribution of Dash-Missione Bontà;
– the 5KV subscription in all hospital rooms and in the various wards of the Hematology department;
the purchase of four independent lodgings which, together with two other apartments on loan from the provincial Cif of Pisa, allow patients who live far away to face long periods of care assisted by their families.

Our next goals

– strengthening of home care

– research funding through scholarships

– purchase of equipment for the cell manipulation laboratory